Privacy Policy

One of the co-founders of New Columbia Pub Quiz, LLC. (not telling you which one, obviously) is an absolute privacy maniac, so he wrote this Privacy Policy to be even clearer than the questions he usually writes.

What Data Do We Collect From You

• email addresses
• team names associated with those email addresses
• answers to questions associated with those email addresses
• player counts per team

What Do We Do With That Data

• use that email address to correlate answers given to questions over the course of a trivia session to a team name, in order to make grading easier
• add that email address to our jealously guarded list of people to whom we send trivia-related emails – new bars, schedule changes, and special promotions
• track how many people claim to have shown up on a given night so we can have a way of quantifying the value we add to bars
• identify and reward prize winners with digital bar tabs

Where Is That Data Stored

• All collected data is stored in tables at Jotform, the company that powers our neat little trivia answering app. While they do store all this data, the only circumstance under which they release any form-submitted data, including emails, to anyone is if they get subpoenaed. Their privacy policy is here:

• Email addresses are stored in a list at Sendinblue, the company we use for sending promotional emails. From what I can tell they don’t use personal information of our contacts for anything, but it’s less clear than Jotform’s. Their privacy policy is here:

• All collected data is stored in a Google Sheets spreadsheet. We know, and we’re sorry. But if it makes you feel better, it’s literally only the contents of some cells, and as far as we can tell, there’s nothing that Google can do to meaningfully correlate your email address in a cell next to a few other email addresses, some timestamps, and an assortment of random nouns. Their privacy policy probably isn’t worth the kilowatt-hours used to display it.

How Long Is That Data Stored

• In Jotform, indefinitely. We’re thinking about doing a rewards thing for regulars, so knowing the number of times an email address has appeared would be useful for that. We won’t keep submitted answers because frankly it’s useless.

• In Sendinblue, until you unsubscribe.

• In Google Sheets, once the trivia session is over, all answers, team names, emails, and headcounts are deleted except for the team name and email of the Best Team Name winner, which gets deleted the following week.

What Can You Do About It

• Honestly, use a fake email address. You’ll miss out on our promotional emails and any potential rewards, but if you’re reading this far, you’re probably used to that. It’s required because scoring takes twice as long if we can’t automate the lookup, and email addresses have a standardized syntax we can key off of.

• Help us out. We only use Google Sheets because it’s free and easy, and we are just 2 guys with limited resources. We’re actively looking to develop something more robust and privacy-respecting, so if you’ve got either ideas or motivation, let us know via email (, Matrix (, or just come up after trivia one night.

• Send any requests to and get a full accounting of all data we currently have on you.

Do We Sell Any Of Your Data

Hell no. Gross. Even if it weren’t a totally odious practice bereft of all moral feeling, it would be worth, like, pennies.

Do We Share Any Of Your Data

Also no, with the grudging exceptions noted above. Ideally we wouldn’t share it with anyone, but until we can afford to pay a LAMP stack engineer and the electric bill for a rack of Dell PowerEdges, them’s the breaks.